Skate Parks and/or Instruction Insurance

Athos specializes in insurance coverage for privately owned skate park facilities, mobile parks, skate schools or skate instructional organizations. Our program covers the riders and covered activities occurring within your park, including events and competitions.

We offer General Liability coverage, including Athletic Participant Liability, and Athletic Accident Medical coverage.

General Liability

This provides coverage for bodily Injury negligence claims brought by Third Parties (3rd parties are non-staff and non-crew members such as bystanders or spectators).

  • Allows you to issue certificates naming entities as "additional insured"

Athletic Participant Liability

This covers bodily injury negligence claims brought by Athletic participants (skate park riders). Most general liability policies exclude this, so it is important to check your policy includes this. The Athos Skate Park program always includes Athletic Participant Liability, unless we specifically disclose otherwise.

Accident Medical

This is a no-fault based accident medical reimbursement policy up to the purchased limit. It is subject to the policy deductible. This coverage is crucial to help minimize small no-fault based injuries from becoming lawsuits claimed on the General Liability policy.

  • Only eligible for US Citizens and Residents with a social security number are eligible
  • The coverage is in excess of any existing health insurance
  • There is a deductible that applies
  • The limits are maxed to only $100,000 or less per accident, per claim

Owned Equipment

This covers accidental damage to or theft of owned equipment, such as ramps, inventory (if you have a pro-shop), and other business personal property related to your skate park operation.

Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability

If you plan to rent a truck or vehicle for your operations, you will need this type of auto liability. This covers your business if an employee or causes harm or damage to other vehicles and/or people while operating a non-owned or hired vehicle. This often happens when employees are running a business errand in their own cars (non-owned vehicles).

If a third party is injured due to your loading and unloading equipment from non-owned and hired autos, this also covers those types of claims. (Third Party is a non-staff or non-employee)

Excess Liability

This policy covers additional limits to supplement an existing general liability policy.

Workers’ Compensation

This is statutory coverage for employees you hire as staff and/or employees (including 1099s)

  • Only US Citizens and Residents with a social security number are eligible
  • We recommend business owners usually purchase this coverage through the state or through a payroll service company

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