Equipment Rentals…What insurance will I need?

By: Christina Lam, Assistant Vice President at Athos Insurance

Published on: 5/21/2019 8:17:00 AM

Well, it depends!

Rental houses always require their renters to have inland marine equipment insurance to cover the rented equipment itself for accident damage and theft. The equipment insurance allows renters to issue a certificate to the rental house naming them as a loss payee and with rental sites such as Sharegrid, just the equipment insurance will suffice.

However, many rental houses will also require general liability coverage in addition to the equipment insurance.  You can usually tell if a general liability policy will be needed because the rental house will ask you to name them as additional insured on your policy, and this can only be added on a general liability policy. General liability covers third party injuries associated with the equipment. For example, if you rent a light from a rental house and while you are using it, it falls and hits someone walking by (not part of your production), that person can sue everyone involved. This includes the owner of the gear which would be the rental house. Rental houses want to be protected in this case which is why they may want you to get general liability coverage along with the equipment coverage.

Are you renting any vehicles in addition to the equipment? Vehicles aren’t considered equipment so you may need to set up a non-owned hired auto policy as well.

Every rental houses is different so ultimately it’s up to you to talk with your rental house to see exactly what coverages they will be requiring. Nevertheless, no matter what coverages will be needed, Athos will be here to help with your insurance!  

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